Health and Safety

When you’re fundraising for the JMA Trust, we want you to have a brilliant time! But we also want you to know, it’s really important to stay safe and keep everything legal.

We encourage all of our fundraisers to use our handy links to important info sites, before cracking on with any fundraising activities.

We particularly want to highlight the Code of Fundraising Practice, ensuring our supporters are always open, honest and respectful when fundraising on our behalf, and follow all legalities.

The commission’s guidance on charity fundraising sets out 6 principles to help trustees comply with their legal duties.

The 6 principles are:

  • planning effectively – set-out, agree and monitor your approach to fundraising
  • supervise your fundraisers – establish a system to oversee your fundraising methods and fundraising carried out on behalf of the charity
  • protect your charity – make sure there is strong management of your assets and resources
  • comply with the fundraising laws and regulations – in particular in areas such as data protection and licensing laws
  • follow recognised fundraising standards – the Code of Fundraising Practice outlines the legal rules that apply to fundraising
  • be open and accountable – make sure your charity is well run and you comply with the statutory accounting and reporting requirements.



Handy Links:

Institute of Fundraising

Health and Safety Executive

St John’s Ambulance (First Aid)

Red Cross (First Aid)

Find your Local Council website

The John Maurice Aitken Trust is registered in Scotland as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation with charity number SC045343.

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