Fundraising Ideas

There are endless ways that you could raise money for the JMA Trust. Whether you choose to support us by taking on a challenge, organising a fundraising event or creating your own fun sponsorship activity, your efforts will allow us continue our work with those in need. Here are some fundraising suggestions we’ve pulled together, to help get the imagination going, and your fundraising adventure started. You can also check out our social media and Blog, to see what other JMA Fundraisers have been up to, and get some inspiration!

Pound the Pavement!

  • Enter a local 10k, half marathon or full marathon and get your training gear on!
  • If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, travel abroad and take part in some of the world’s most famous marathons, in New York, London, Paris, Berlin… Great for those who prefer to run away from the Scottish weather

Keep on Walkin’

  • Set an ambitious target for how many miles you can walk/run/swim in a month – do it on your own, with friends or get lots of people involved!

On yer bike!

  • If you love to cycle, there are many activities and challenges you could take part in on two wheels. Do a sponsored ride, starting and ending in places that mean something special to you, or to the Trust.
  • You could swap the car for your bike on your journey to work, and donate all the petrol money saved over a week or a month.
  • If mountain biking is more your thing, make the most of the Scottish scenery and take part in one of the many organised challenges across the country.


Bake Off

  • Release your inner Mary Berry, and get baking your favourite treats! (Try to resist eating them all while you are making them.)
  • You could make people guess how many chocolate chips you used, or sweeten up your colleagues by supplying cakes at coffee time, in exchange for a small donation.
  • Want to let your competitive side out? Challenge a number of friends and family to each bake their best cake, and get some judges to pick a winner!


Spring Clean, any time of the year!

  • Get your friends to donate the clothes they don’t wear anymore and hold a clothes sale. People are always looking for a new item to spruce up their wardrobe and everyone loves a bargain!
  • Clear out the cupboards and head down to your local car boot sale. You never know how your takings can all add up, selling books, trinkets, dishes, unwanted gifts, plates… anything goes at a car boot sale! Encourage buyers by letting them know your proceeds will be heading to the JMA Trust, by using our posters or other resources.


Do something crazy!

  • Get sponsored for doing something (very) different, like bathing in beans, shave off all your hair, hop everywhere, get into fancy dress for a normal day at work… We’re sure you can think of something daft! Whatever you decide to do, have fun, and do it #ForJohn.


Get the Party Started

  • Get your friends and family together for an evening full of fun and laughter. Hold a dinner party, cheese and wine night, casino night with poker and roulette, quiz evening or a themed fancy-dress party! You can raise money by selling tickets, charging an entry fee, or simply having donations buckets around the room.


Keep it chilled

  • Fundraising doesn’t always have to involve tonnes of planning, invitations and running around. Sometimes very simple ways of donating money can feel the most rewarding!
  • Get your friends over for a quiet movie night with snacks or pamper day with some facemasks. Agree on chipping in what each can manage for a joint donation from the group to the Trust.
  • Stay in for an evening at the weekend and donate what you’d normally spend in the town. Sacrificing those few hard-earned beers can be tough, but remember your donation will help many others, and you’ll have a clear head on Sunday morning!


These are just a few of our suggestions, and we’re sure that you can come up with some more brilliant, wacky and fun ways to raise money.

We would love to hear all about the ways you have chosen to fundraise for The JMA Trust – keep in touch and let us know what you are doing!

The John Maurice Aitken Trust is registered in Scotland as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation with charity number SC045343.

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